Our story

Our story

Exalted Store Ltd is one of the premium brand & fashion studios that focuses on more styles than one and on limited clothing including special premium collections that are unique and high quality.

The brand meets the strictest European level certifications and provides an extended 3 year warranty on all products to convince its customers that their products are of high quality and can rely on them.

Products are marketed through an extensive network of licensing agreements and other arrangements worldwide.

EXALTED is not just a brand, it’s a life-like approach. Exalted is synonymous for a high level and grandeur, a never-ending supply of trends, modern designs and uncompromising quality. Clothing, jewelery, and luxury watches, but not only as an indicator of time, but as a creator of experiences and memories – and thanks to the experiences and stories written in human memories that are passed from generation to generation, you become the Exalted. FOREVER.

Exalted is applying an dreamchaser mindset to solving the tricky & sometimes overcomplicated system that is life. It is not only about work on yourself in the physical way, but also the mind and the way we think. Exalted could be entrepreneurs, dreamchasers, workers, doctors, athletes, soldiers, mothers, fathers…..


To help people lead their lives at a healthier and higher level through an active lifestyle and a positive attitude. Our brand represents the movement of all people who want to fulfill their dreams and improve on physical, mental, or any other site.

But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.


Exalted Store Ltd® was founded in 2017 in London (United Kingdom) by a group of investors from the London and Prague. Their goal was to create something completely new and unique.

After a long development and several months of designing the first collection, assembling materials for all products, Exalted Store Ltd ® slowly started the first distribution network and looking for wholesale and retail partners around the world.

We believe that thanks to originality, unique design and straightforwardness this company will over the years gain a dominant position on the global market.

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